Chai-ku Contest!

Do you like writing Chai-ku? What? Chai-ku!

If you do, like writing Chai-ku, please send them to: losak@optonline.net AND TheBookMeshuggenahs@gmail.com with the word “Chai-ku” in the subject line.

With your written permission, and if you’ve followed the above directions, we’ll celebrate your Chai-ku on our Book Meshuggenahs page on Facebook and on Twitter @TMeshuggenahs.

Plus, our resident haiku expert, Book Meshuggenah, Amy Losak (H is For Haiku) will pick eight winners after the contest closes on June 30th, to each receive one FREE autographed copy of a Book Meshuggenahs book!

Chappy Chai-ku!

Closes June 30th!

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2 thoughts on “Chai-ku Contest!

  1. I was also selected for the Yiddish Book Center’s Tent program, sponsored by PJ Library. It was a pleasure to meet the people at PJ Library and the Yiddish Book Center and see their passion for getting good books with Jewish themes into children s hands.

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