Chai-ku Contest!



Front CoverDo you like writing Chai-ku? What? Chai-ku!

If you do, like writing Chai-ku, please send them to:
with the word “Chai-ku” in the subject line.

With your written permission, and if you’ve followed the above directions,
we’ll celebrate your Chai-ku on our Book Meshuggenahs page on Facebook and on Twitter @TMeshuggenahs.

Plus, our resident haiku expert, Book Meshuggenah, Amy Losak (H is For Haiku) will pick eight winners after the contest closes on June 30th, to each receive one


autographed copy of a Book Meshuggenahs book!

Chappy Chai-ku!

Closes June 30th!

2 thoughts on “Chai-ku Contest!

  1. I was also selected for the Yiddish Book Center’s Tent program, sponsored by PJ Library. It was a pleasure to meet the people at PJ Library and the Yiddish Book Center and see their passion for getting good books with Jewish themes into children s hands.

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