Greenhorn – The Movie!

Greenhorn poster with laurels-lowres

I am thrilled to share some terrific news. A few years ago I had the pleasure of interviewing Anna Olswanger and  Miriam Nerlove about their book, Greenhorn. Here is the link to our chat Greenhorn – The Book.

In 2014 Anna Olswanger co-produced a short indie film adaptation of the novel. Greenhorn is about a young Holocaust survivor who arrives at a Brooklyn yeshiva in the 1940s with only a small box that he won’t let out of his sight. Like the book, the film, which involves disabilities and bullying, is based on a true story. Please check out the trailer here: Film Trailer for Greenhorn Movie.

TMW recently began distributing the film to libraries and schools allowing the film to be shown in classrooms. The film could be a tie-in to Holocaust Remembrance Day in May and International Holocaust Remembrance Day in January. The film can also be purchased on Amazon for individual viewers:

For classroom viewing

For personal viewing

Don’t miss the opportunity to view this special film!