Lesléa Newman – I Wish My Father

Lesléa Newman is a beloved author of books for children and adults. Her recent book of poetry for adults, I WISH MY FATHER (a companion to I CARRY MY MOTHER) is a deeply moving exploration of love and loss. An excerpt from I WISH MY FATHER  (my favorite poem in the collection) can be found at the bottom of this…

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Welcome Susan Kusel – THE PASSOVER GUEST

It is such a pleasure to welcome Susan Kusel to chat about her new book, THE PASSOVER GUEST. I first met Susan through the Association of Jewish Libraries. Susan exudes passion for children’s books and it comes as no surprise that she is now the author of a beautiful picture book, a retelling of I.L. Peretz’s THE MAGICIAN. THE PASSOVER…

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Rebel Daughter – Lori Banov Kaufmann

                  I am delighted to welcome Lori Banov Kaufmann, the author of REBEL DAUGHTER (Penguin Random House). This fascinating YA novel takes readers back to Jerusalem two thousand years ago. Through the main character Esther, REBEL DAUGHTER brings to life a very significant time in Jewish history. Esther experiences many of the…

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The Poetry of Secrets – Cambria Gordon

Welcome Cambria Gordon, the author of a new YA novel, THE POETRY OF SECRETS. Through the eyes of Isabel, readers will have a window into the lives of conversos – Jews forced to convert to Catholicism in Spain in the 1400s. Isabel’s family makes great sacrifices to practice their religion in secret.  Isabel seeks to learn as much as she…

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DIJ – Use your Jewish Creativity!

I am so excited to share my newest book, DIJ – Use Your Jewish Creativity.  It was such an honor to explore the creative journeys of so many talented artists! Learn more here: DIJ – Use Your Jewish Creativity  


Janice Hechter is the author/illustrator of ADVENTURE GIRL – DABI DIGS IN ISRAEL (Alazar Press). Young readers will follow Dabi as she joins her aunt on the ultimate field trip – an archeological dig in Israel. ADVENTURE GIRL will surely spark interest in experiences that are unique to Israel. DId you know there are archeological sites that kids can explore?…

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Hedy Lamarr’s Double Life – Laurie Wallmark

                I’m excited to welcome Laurie Wallmark to chat about her book, HEDY LAMARR’S DOUBLE LIFE – The Hollywood Legend and Brilliant Inventor (Sterling Children’s Books) illustrated by Katy Wu. It’s a truly fascinating story of a movie star whose inventions changed the course of the world. Not only is Hedy’s story interesting…

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The Polio Pioneer by Linda Elovitz Marshall

I’m so happy to welcome Linda Elovitz Marshall. Linda is the author of many beloved books for kids. Her recent picture book, THE POLIO PIONEER (Knopf) beautifully illustrated by Lisa Anchin, tells the inspiring story of Jonas Salk and his journey to create a cure for polio. Linda brings Jonas Salk to life for young readers who may be learning…

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