Good News from Good Friends!

One of the highlights of having a blog is staying in contact with the wonderful folks I’ve had the honor of interviewing. As a fan, it’s a pleasure to follow their careers and celebrate their accomplishments. Today I have lots of news to share!

Anna Olswanger announced that her lovely book Greenhorn is being made into a film. A page has been set up a page about the Greenhorn Film Project:


From the website:

Greenhorn, based on a true event in the life of Rabbi Rafael Grossman, is a powerful book by Anna Olswanger that gives human dimension to the Holocaust. Karen Cushman, Newbery Medalist, calls Greenhorn “a tender, touching celebration of friendship, family, and faith.” David Adler, winner of the Boston Globe-Horn Book Honor Book for Nonfiction, calls Greenhorn “a heartwarming and heartrending story of friendship and tragedy.”


I can’t wait to see the movie!

Debbie Levy, author of The Year of Goodbyes has a new book out. It sounds compelling – a perfect summer read.  Here is the synopsis:

Imperfect Spiral (Bloomsbury/Walker, July 2013),  Danielle Snyder’s summer job as a babysitter takes a tragic turn when Humphrey, her five-year-old charge, runs into traffic to chase down his football.  Immediately Danielle is caught up in the machinery of tragedy:  police investigations, neighborhood squabbling, and—when the driver of the car that struck Humphrey turns out to be an undocumented alien—a politically charged immigration debate. 


Be sure to add Imperfect Spiral to your TBR (to be read) stack!

Shirley Vernick, author of The Blood Lie is excited to share that her new novel for teens is out! Here is the synopsis:

Remember Dippy (Cinco Puntos Press): Thirteen-year-old Johnny is dreading summer this year because his mom is making him help out with his autistic cousin, a boy named Remember. Remember is obsessed with Twinkies. He’s awkward. He watches the weather channel for fun. So Johnny is sure the summer is going to be a bust. But when some jewels go missing…and the local jock gets stuck in the lake during a storm…and a lonely new girl comes to town…things get more exciting than either boy could have imagined.


If you are looking for a story that will appeal to boys and girls Remember Dippy is a perfect fit.

Mazel Tov to Anna, Debbie, and Shirley! Wishing you all much success!

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