Michelle Edwards

Tell me a little bit about your latest book. Why you were drawn to write about a Jewish theme or character?

My newest book, Chicken Man (January 2008) is actually one of the first books I wrote and illustrated. It will have a new cover and author’s note.

I wrote Chicken Man after living and working on Kibbutz Mizra. I had a friend who worked in the lul, the chicken coop. His charming stories of the chickens and the fun he had in the lul convinced me to work there, too. It was a horrible place and I hated the chickens. That’s when I learned about the power of stories.

What type of research was involved?

I guess you could say that my research was my short, but very memorable tenure in the Kibbutz Mizra chicken coop.

How did you become a children’s writer?

During my first stay in Israel (1974) I filled sketch books with stories and pictures. I knew I wanted to be an artist. One day, I realized that children’s books told stories this way. So I started to teach myself about writing and illustrating for children. It has been a very long course. I am still learning.

What are you working on now?


What are a few fun acts about you?

My childhood nickname, Mush. Still in use.
I knit socks!
I love comic books.
I save stamps. And sometimes their envelopes.

What is your favorite holiday?

Rosh Hashanah! I love beginnings. And apples and the first signs of autumn.

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