This is way off topic, but it does come under the umbrella of research about teens, so I’m not going to apologize! My boys – my son Trevor,his cousin Zack, and their friends Josh and Jeff – aka HYDRO HOT AND THE HYBRID BUFFALOES are the winners of the Oak Park High Battle of the Bands! My friend Tina promises that there is a story somewhere in this life experience – so that’s my excuse for sharing!

The night was magical – the multi-purpose room brimming with teenagers are their parents, many of whom brought ear plugs. I must say, that each group was far more entertaining that I had imagined. It’s not like I don’t like rock music, I grew up in the rockin‘ 70’s, after all! These kids were all terrific – full of energy and enthusiasm. Hydro played their set, and they were great – but I hear them playing in my garage on a regular basis. It’s kind of like critiquing my own story. By the end of the night, we had no expectations for our boys. The final announcements were as exciting as an overtime play-off game. When all the bands had been announced, we realized Hydro was the only name left. I glanced over at the boys (who were of course not sitting with their parents.) I could only see Jeff’s face. Jeff is normally pretty low-key, but his jaw dropped. The announcer said “First place goes to …HYDRO HOT AND THE HYBRID BUFFALOES!” All the practicing, all the schlepping drums, all the pizza …it was all worthwhile!

Someday a Battle of the Bands will find its way into a story, and you will know where I did my research! Until then, I’m looking for a reality show that will to turn my garage into a music studio – we’ve got work to do!

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  1. Any writer who is a parent who denies that most of his or her inspiration comes from his or her offspring is full of hybrid buffalo pies.

    Congrats to Trevor, Zack, Josh & Jeff and “their” mom!

    ~Mary H.

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